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Koelle Lab works on "One Health" Newcastle Virus Vaccine Development

With funding from PATH, CERID Investigator Dr. David Koelle is working with colleagues to develop an accessible method of distributing Newcastle Disease virus (NDV) vaccine to low-resource and backyard poultry farmers around the world. Backyard poultry is a significant contributor to both protein nutrition and household economies in the developing world. Newcastle Disease is a contagious and deadly viral disease that affects most species of birds. Backyard poultry farmers lack access to traditional NDV vaccines that require freezing and are marketed to large poultry farms at >500 doses/unit. 

Part of the interdisciplinary One Health initiative that seeks to unite human and veterinary medicine, Dr. Koelle's team has tested a fast-dissolving tablet (FDT) form of the vaccine that can stored for more than 6 months at 4°C and then diluted and administered via drinking water or with a dropper. These NDV-FDTs are stable at refrigerator temperatures, contain only 50 doses, and may provide substantial advantages for backyard poultry immunization.

Link to Publication.