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CERID Director Wes Van Voorhis and others to work on Microbiome

CERID Director Wes Van Voorhis and others to work on Microbiome
November 20, 2013 - 3:26pm

Peter Rabinowitz of the University of Washington in the U.S., along with colleagues including CERID Director Wes Van Voorhis and other faculty in UW infectious diseases, collaborators at Washington State University and CDC Kenya, will test whether unhealthy gut microbes in livestock that co-reside with humans in smallholder households can negatively influence the gut microbes in the humans, and whether this can be exploited to improve human health. The microbial community (microbiota) living in the gut is important for childhood health, growth and development. They will analyze the gut microbiotas of healthy and unhealthy children and co-residing companion and domestic animals in selected households in western Kenya to determine whether they are related. If they are, they will reset the animal microbiota using established fecal transplant methods and determine whether there is a corresponding positive effect on the microbiotas of the rest of the household. 


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