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CERID Investigator

Sean C. Murphy, MD, PhD

Dr. Murphy's work focuses on human malaria infection. Human and animals can be protected against malaria sporozoites challenge by immunization with attenuated Plasmodium sporozoites.

Kevin Hybiske, PhD

The Hybiske Lab investigates the interactions between intracellular pathogens and host cells with a specific focus on the molecular, cellular and genetic basis of infectious diseases.

W. Conrad Liles, MD, PhD

Dr. Liles returned to the University of Washington in 2012 from the University of Toronto, where he was Vice-Chair and Professor of Medicine, Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases, and the Canada Research Chair in Infectious Diseases and Inflammation.

Thomas R. Hawn, MD, PhD

The Hawn lab is investigating immunologic mechanisms of disease pathogenesis with an emphasis on genetic, cellular, and molecular studies of the innate immune response.

Wesley C. Van Voorhis, MD, PhD

There is a great need for new drugs for parasitic diseases, such as Malaria, African Sleeping Sickness, Chagas' disease, and Leishmaniasis.

Each year, these diseases sicken or kill over 200 million people. Though some pharmaceutical companies devote research effort to discover drugs to treat some of these diseases, there is little done given the need; the people with these parasitic diseases have little money to pay for medicine. The Van Voorhis research group uses emerging knowledge about the genomes of these parasites to aid in rational drug discovery.