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Charles Frevert, DVM, ScD

Center for Lung Biology 850 Republican Bldg., Rm 315N Campus Box 357190 Seattle, WA 98109
Charles Frevert, DVM, ScD
Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Medicine Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care

Our laboratory investigates the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate inflammatory responses in the lungs. The research in my laboratory focuses on the interaction of chemokines with extracellular matrix and the regulation of cytokine and chemokine production in the lungs. We use a variety of different methods, including techniques to study whole animals, techniques to study intact leukocytes and other cells in vitro, and molecular techniques to study morphological changes in tissue.

A major goal of this laboratory is to investigate the basic mechanisms that regulate the activity of chemokines (chemotactic cytokines) in normal and inflamed lungs. Several lines of evidence from in vitro studies suggest that chemokines bind to glycosaminoglycans and that this binding modulates the interactions between chemokines and their cognate receptors (e.g., CXCR1). There is also strong evidence that specific binding domains are located on chemokines and on glycosaminoglycans. This suggests that the interaction of chemokines to glycosaminoglycans is a specific interaction mediated by a subset of proteoglycans in the lungs (e.g., chemokine-binding proteoglycans). Currently the laboratory is focusing on four areas of chemokine-proteoglycan interactions.