Immunomodulatory therapy treats diseases that plague the human immune system.

Monoclonal antibodies and other biologics response modifiers have allowed for targeted drug therapy in managing various autoimmune diseases. Many of these immune pathways have been exploited in the development of targeted immunomodulatory therapies. The more targeted therapies available, the more options available for autoimmune diseases. 

Immunomodulatory therapies are wide-spread and have been used to treat cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Influenza A Virus and other diseases as well as to develop vaccines.

Immunomodulators included adjuvants, cytokines, thymic products, hormones, glucocorticoids, host defense peptides, microbial products, probiotics, synthetic chemical compounds, toll like receptors, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, herbs, panchgavya elements, polysaccharides, helminths, vaccines and others. 

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Our Focus: 

CERID is working to augment phagocyte-mediated host defense for treatment of infectious disease.