Shake Out LogoPlease join the CERID Safety Team and the rest of UW Medicine SLU at 10:17am in Dropping. Covering. And Holding On. The start of the earthquake drill will be broadcast on the building PA systems. We will be holding in the covered position for one minute. Immediately following, CERID 6th and 7th floors will practice our building evacuation procedures. For more information on the Shake Out and earthquake preparedness, visit The Great Washington Shake Out.

Building Emergency Procedure Plan
At 10:18 am, begin making your way to one of the stairwells. After an earthquake, the south stairwell may be the safer option due to there being less glass. Once outside the building, proceed to the evacuation assembly point (EAP). After an earthquake, you would want to proceed to an area free of potentially failing hazards, however, for this event we will use the normal EAP. 
Mark your calendars, set an alarm, and see you there!

October 17 @ 10:17 am. Drop. Cover. Hold On. 

October 17 @ 10:18 am. Evacuate to the EAP.