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Happy Holiday Season!

Updated Hazardous Waste Labels

UW EH&S has updated hazardous waste labels to be in compliance with the new Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule. These labels fulfill all requirements of the new standard. Waste containers over 4 liters no longer need two labels if replaced with this new label. Learn about the update and print your new labels here.

New Hazardous Waste Label

CERID Safety Team Acknowledged for Promoting Lab Safety

Thank you for making CERID a safe place to work. The CERID Safety Team will be presenting at UW EH&S's Laboratory Safety Awards & Innovations Event. We'll be sure to report back on all the other lab safety happenings from across the UW.

2019 Laboratory Safety Awards poster

Holiday Safety 101

From driving to decorating to food handling, make good decisions that will keep the holidays joyful for all.

  • Driving: Prepare a winter emergency kit. Don't drive drowsy. Drive defensively. Put the phone down. Buckle up. Drive sober.
  • Decorating: Fake trees should be rated "fire resistant". Real trees should have the base cut 2 inches to expose fresh wood and set the base in water. Indoor lights should be placed indoors. Outdoor lights should be placed outdoors. Don't use light sets with bare wires or loose connections. Turn off lights and decorations when you leave or go to bed.
  • Fire: Keep candles where they can't be knocked or blown over. Use "flameless" candles around flammable objects. Use a screen on fireplaces. Do not leave candles and fireplaces burning unattended. Check and clean your chimney!
  • Food: Wash hands frequently when handling food. Keep raw meat physically separated from fresh produce. Use a meat thermometer. Refrigerate hot or cold leftovers within two hours of serving. Cut up turkey and other large meats for quicker cooling in the fridge.

Food Thermometer








CERID Safety Team