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Safety Data Sheets for Synthesized/Experimental Chemicals

You are responsible for obtaining or creating safety data sheets (SDSs) for hazardous chemicals that are synthesized at UW prior to shipping or transporting off campus as well as for the storage of large quantities of such chemicals. UW EH&S has created a template identifying the necessary information that should be included and information for how to fill it out.

Safety Data Sheets: Info for Employees

Vote for Group 4 Health and Safety Committee Member

UW has 10 organizational health and safety committees comprised of employee-elected and management-appointed members. Group 4, which includes the School of Medicine is looking to fill vacancies. Their charter allows for 3-5 elected and 1-2 appointed members from the School of Medicine. The group meets on a monthly basis on campus to discuss health and safety related topics and concerns within their represented departments. Officials are elected for a two-year term from January 2020 - December 2021. The CERID Safety Team has been asked to elect one member to the committee. Ballots were emailed out on December 30 2019 and are requested by the end of day January 6 2020. Please email if you need another ballot.

Health and Safety Committee Structure

UW EH&S FY19 Annual Report

Read about UW EH&S's contributions to a safe campus and healthy environment in their Annual Report.

UW EH&S Annual Report