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Happy July

Laboratory Self-Inspections

Don't forget that in addition to laboratory inspections conducted by EH&S, labs are expected to conduct at least one self-inspection annually. Self-inspections use the same safety checklist that EH&S uses. PIs, chemical hygiene officers, and other designees have access to the Laboratory Safety Dashboard where they should fill out the online tool to indicate that they have completed a self inspection. As you conduct a self inspection, remedy any deficiencies and notify all members of the lab as to what deficiencies were discovered.

Laboratory Safety Dashboard

Summer Lab Cleaning

Doing a self-inspection is also a good opportunity to have a laboratory cleanup. Be sure to go through all drawers and cabinets (especially the ones you haven't opened in years)! You may be surprised by what you find. Ensure that any hazardous waste and legacy chemicals are disposed of properly. Anything that you no longer use or need can be set on the CERID "Free" cart found along the back hallway between E629 and E637. Once the cart is full, a message will be sent around to SLU for other folks outside of CERID to take what they want. Anything that is not claimed at that point will be sent to UW Surplus at the next available pickup.

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