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COVID-19 Prevention Plans

Reminder that all critical personnel that are coming into the lab must be familiar with and have documented training on their lab's COVID-19 Prevention Plans. If you are unfamiliar with your lab's plan, contact your lab manager and/or PI. These lab specific documents detail specific actions that must be taken in order to reduce exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in the workplace.

For up to date information on University policies, please reference UW EH&S's COVID-19 Health and Safety Resources, UW's Office of Research Guidance for Returning to In-Person Research, and uw.edu/coronavirus.

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COVID-19 Back to the Workplace Required Training

UW EH&S has recently released a new COVID-19 Safety Training: Back to the Workplace module. This training is required in addition to your laboratory specific COVID-19 prevention plan training. The module should be completed before or upon returning to work on site at a University location, or as soon as possible if you have been performing critical work on site already. This module was created to fulfill directives from Washington Labor and Industries and The Office of the Governor.

Back to the Workplace COVID-19 Prevention Plan Poster