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Shipping and Transporting Hazardous Materials

If you transport hazardous materials, whether yourself or by a third party, you must follow the applicable laws and regulations and be up to date on all relevant trainings.
Types of hazardous materials that have shipping and transportation restrictions include: hazardous chemicals, infectious or potentially infectious substances, radioactive materials, compressed gases, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, lithium batteries, and more.
In general, you may transport hazardous materials by hand or by cart within the SLU facilities without restriction as long as you have sufficient secondary containment. If you are transporting hazardous materials off the SLU campus (e.g. UWMC, Harborview, etc.), you must use official UW operated vehicles (UCar, UW Shuttles). You may not transport radioactive materials off SLU campus (contact the radiation safety office to organize transport). For shipping materials via a third party, you must take the relevant trainings as listed below:

University of Washington UCar

Consult UW EH&S's Shipping Hazardous Materials Page for information on shipping and UW Facilities' Vehicle Rental Page for information on UCar services.

New Question to be Added to EH&S Lab Survey:

Do You Have Enough PPE?
UW EH&S will be asking if PPE is adequately available for everyone in your lab. Utilize the Laboratory PPE Hazard Assessment Guide to ensure that you have suitable PPE for your work.
Prepare by:

  • Locating safety glasses, lab coats, other PPE items.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient quantities.
  • Replace and buy more as needed.
  • Make sure all lab members know where to locate necessary PPE!

Gel Imaging

New Online Radiation Safety Training

UW EH&S has customized its online radiation safety training with new interactive features, quizzes, and activities. If you handle radioactive substances in your lab, you must take the online training, as well as a classroom training.

UW EH&S Radiation Safety Training

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