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Happy November!

New Spill Response Poster and Updated Exposure Response Poster

UW EH&S has recently come out with a new Spill Response Poster and has updated the Exposure Response Poster. Please print out these new posters in color and post in a conspicuous location. To access the posters and for information on the updates, refer to the Response Posters page.

Spill Response Poster

Provide Feedback on the Great Shakeout and Evacuation Drill

What worked? What didn't? If there were a real emergency, what would you do differently? Did you hear the public address system (especially if you were in the lab)? Send your feedback to

Shake Out. Don't Freak Out.

Laboratory Self-Inspections

EH&S expects that labs (through the principal investigator, chemical hygiene officer, or other lab delegate) complete at least one lab self-inspection per year. The self-inspection tool can be accessed through the Lab Safety Dashboard. EH&S has released a webinar detailing how to conduct a self-inspection.

Lab Safety Dashboard performance by school/college


CERID Safety Team