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Updated EH&S Sharps Safety Tools

Sharps injuries remain one of the most commonly reported injuries in UW research and clinical settings. UW EH&S has recently updated its Sharps Safety page to detail steps to take to prevent sharps injuries, including information on specific products that it recommends for various procedures. If you work with sharps, take the following actions:

  1. Eliminate sharps from procedures or substitute for safer sharps devices as appropriate.
  2. Develop written procedures to handle sharps safely.
  3. Train all staff working with sharps.
  4. Dispose of sharps properly.
  5. Prepare for exposure and spill response.

3 mL VanishPoint Retractable syringe

Site Security Reminder

Recently, an unauthorized individual was reported inside a secure building on the SLU campus and another individual was following people outside the buidlings. Steps that you can take to ensure that our workplace remains safe:

  • If you have emergent safety concerns that require an immediate response, contact Seattle Police at 911.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: report any suspicious persons, activities or items to a member of the reception staff or call the UW Call Center (InfoCentre) 206-658-8681 and a security guard will be dispatched.
  • Tailgating is not allowed through any entrance with an access reader. Everyone wishing to enter must swipe their access card. You should never grant access to a restricted building or room to anyone. If you use the ADA automatic door opener be sure to make sure it closes behind without letting anyone else into the building. If someone follows you into a building please report it to a member of the reception staff or call the UW Call Center (InfoCentre) 206-658-8681 and a security guard will be dispatched.
  • Do not put yourself in harm’s way by attempting to stop or remove a suspicious person from a facility or parking garage.
  • Do not give out personal information about a fellow employee to someone you do not know. This includes current whereabouts, office location, work schedule, parking location, private residence information and other details.
  • Secure your personal items, unattended or improperly secured items are easy targets.
  • If you feel unsafe while in the parking garage, there are duress call phones located in each of the elevator lobbies for your assistance. These phones are identified with a blue light on the top of the call box. A person will answer your call 24/7 and will direct assistance to your location as soon as possible.
  • SafeCampus is available to any employee who is concerned about their safety and would like to consult about options and resources. The SafeCampus team can be reached 24/7 at 206-685-7233.

UW Medicine E&F Buildings

2020 UW Work-Related Injury and Illness

2020 occupational accident and injury rates were influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic with all of UW seeing a slight increase, while excluding medical centers saw a marked decrease in recordable incidents.

UW Injury Incident Rate in 2020 was 3.56 per 100 employees