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SLU Alert

SLU Alert is a new opt-in system similar to UW Alert. In the event of an emergency, power outage, or other response, SLU facility staff will notify SLU Alert users through their preferred delivery mechanism (text, email, or voice). To opt-in, you must have a current SLU keycard and valid NetID. Sign up for alerts.

Updated Laboratory Safety Manual

A new version of the Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM) has been published by EH&S. Ensure that all lab personnel have access to the new version of the LSM. It is a good idea to have the LSM accessible through multiple mechanisms: link to the web, accessible through a shared drive, downloaded on individual devices. If you would like a paper copy of the LSM, you may complete an online form with the UW Copy Center. A log of changes is available for a list of updates from the previous version.

Laboratory Safety Manual

Business Continuity Plans

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is now a requirement under the updated Laboratory Safety Manual. The BCP "is a collection of resources, actions, procedures, and information that is developed, tested, and held in readiness for use in the event of a major disruption of operations."
BCPs are meant to supplement departmental Business and Research Continuity (BARC) Plans.
*Note that neither AID nor DOM currently have BARC plans in place.
Principal investigators, chemical hygiene officers, lab managers, and other essential staff should work together while putting this document together. Follow the BCP checklist described in the planning document.

UW Emergency Management