Hello CERID,
Happy September

SLU Influenza Vaccinations Available Soon

The Whole U is coordinating influenza vaccinations at a variety of UW sites (including SLU!) through the vendor GetAFluShot.com.

The SLU clinic will be held on October 5th in Building C Rooms C123A/B. You must register beforehand and space is limited.

UW-provided PEBB health plans (Uniform Medical and Kaiser), plus graduate students enrolled in the Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP), can obtain a free annual flu shot as allowed under the plans’ preventive care coverage. Other insurance providers covered by the vendor can be found here.

Prioritize Your Health! Get Your Flu Shot Today








National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month! Do you have an all-hazards plan in place (both at work and at home)? Wondering what should be in your Disaster Supplies Kit? Make your plan today. Disasters don't wait.
As a reminder, CERID has a limited Disaster Supply Stock located in the E Building 6th floor, in the filing cabinets just outside E606 and E609. This stock includes water, weather radios, flash lights, mylar blankets, and first aid kits. It is recommended that you keep additional supplies that you may want/need at your work station such as personal hygiene supplies and medication.