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Use of Shared Equipment

CERID Researchers may utilize the shared resources on the floor, but must receive proper training from the equipment point of contact prior to use. If there are any issues with the shared equipment, notify the contact person as soon as possible.

Close up image of gel being inserted into separator array

Applied Biosystems StepOnePlus Real-Time PCR System

Avanti J-26xp Floor Centrifuge

Biotek Fluorescence/Absorbance Plate Readers

Brady Label Maker Equipment

Gel Room Equipment

  • Location: E610A
  • Contact: TBD

Innova 4430 Incubator Shakers

Mettler Toledo XP6 Scale

PCR Room

Perkin Elmer EnVision 2101 Multilabel Plate Reader

Perkin Elmer Microbeta2 Microplate Counter

Sorvall RC6 and RC6+ Centrifuges

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 8000 Spectrophotometer

Thermo Scientific Savant SPD121P Speed Vac Concentrator