CERID prides itself on it's involvement in the field and it's branching network of researchers. Our well-equipped facilities allow for us to expand our capacity for progress by providing materials and help to our fellow researchers.

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How We Can Help You

CERID offers various services available to both UW-affiliated researchers, the research community at large, and UW students. Tap into our expert resources by way of recombinant protein generation, student internship opportunities, and structure determination pipelines.


Close up image of an array of data on an X and Y scale

CERID Immune Monitoring Core

The Immune Monitoring Core is operated by the Seshadri Lab at the UW SLU campus. Equipped with a BD LSRFortessa maintained at GCLP standards, the Core offers access to high throughput, multiparameter flow cytometry. The Seshadri Lab is also open to collaborating on projects of mutual interest.

Protein upscaler equipment

Recombinant Protein Upscale Center

The Recombinant Protein Upscale Center is run out of the Van Voorhis Lab and is equipped to grow 2L bottles of recombinant protein with a maximum capacity of 36L.

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Structural Genomics Center

CERID houses a portion of the protein production pipeline of the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID). SSGCID accepts requests for protein expression and structure determination in a plethora of infectious disease organisms.



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