Above and Beyond Research

Seattle's Center for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases does much more than facilitate infectious disease research. CERID's leadership, staff, and mission build a foundation of collaboration to better combat growing public health concerns. Emerging and devastating diseases like SARS, Zika Virus, and newly emerging influenza strains require rapid study and cross-disciplinary collaboration to prevent and manage new epidemics. CERID experts are equipped with the knowledge, skills and equipment to make a difference.

Our Mission: Facilitate research to identify, diagnose, prevent and treat infectious diseases in response to major public health concerns. 

Already experts in their respective fields of immunology, pathogenesis, drug discovery, translational research and more, CERID researchers are poised to continue making great strides in our understanding of not only the pathogens and agents that cause these ongoing epidemics, but also their biology, transmission mechanisms and exploitable vulnerabilities.

"Infections are a leading cause of human suffering" - David Koelle, MD 

Photo of Bldg E, UW South Lake Union medical research campus

100 plus researchers

Our people

More than 100 Researchers

With over a hundred researchers working together from University of Washington (UW) Departments of Medicine, Pathology, Microbiology, Laboratory Medicine, and Global Health as well as from Washington State University (Center for Global Animal Health) and Washington State Public Health.

13 research labs

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Collaboration & Synergy

Strong partnerships are key to responding effectively to a rapidly changing infectious disease landscape. CERID values collaboration and synergy needed across labs in response newly emerging and reemerging pathogens.