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The CERID Immune Monitoring Core (CIMC) is a recharge center aimed to facilitate the acquisition of high-quality flow cytometry data. CIMC is equipped with a BD LSRFortessa configured with five lasers and 18 fluorescent channels, as well as a Guava EasyCyte for automated quantification of live cells. 

The Core follows Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP) for maintenance, quality control, and data acquisition. These standards can be especially useful for researchers working with clinical samples such as those working on phase 1 clinical trials.

Users will be trained in the startup and shutdown procedures as well as in both manual and automated acquisition with the high-throughput sampler (HTS). After training is complete use of the Fortessa will be largely independent, with support available as needed. Staff can assist with the development of staining procedures, troubleshooting data analysis, and in the crafting or adaptation of flow cytometry panels.

While most users run their samples independently, the Seshadri Lab is open to collaborating on projects of shared scientific interest.


Download the CIMC BD LSRFortessa Configuration.



Located on the University of Washington South Lake Union Campus on the eighth floor of Building F in F864.


Contact Erik Layton, Research Scientist III;