Get in touch with the people that support us and our research. 

Our administrative staff sets the stage for research excellence with support in the grant application process, project budgeting, and human resource management - all essential in CERID's pursuit for impactful research. 


Kristen Emanuel

Associate Administrator (Finance)
Phone: (206) 616-2019

Michael Fleming

Payroll Coordinator/Budget Fiscal Analyst
Phone: (206) 616-4171

Yuichi Fukuda

Grant Manager
Phone: (206) 616-2019

Jeanine Hughes

ID Program Coordinator
Phone: (206) 685-4456

Kelli D. Jansen

Administrative Specialist
Phone: (206) 744-5147

John Kemner, PhD

Grant Manager
Phone: (206) 221-5245

Kia Kornas

Grant Manager

Katie Lyle-Beshai

Grants Manager

Jacqueline Muongchanh

Fiscal Specialist
Phone: (206) 543-8594

Lourdilyn Ono

Administrative Specialist to the Division Head

Darcie Roberts

Phone: (206) 520-4342

Danielle Julien Trice

HR Manager
Phone: (206) 616-4170

Francis Montes Vazquez

Fellowship Program Manager
Phone: (206) 616-2785

Kevin Wald

Program Operations Specialist
Phone: (206) 616-4168

Carly Yamamoto

Fiscal Specialist
Phone: (206) 221-5245

Yvonne Zhang

Grant Manager
Phone: (206) 685-3668